For Kate or other interested parties:

Here’s some fairly recent rads of some bad hips for comparison purposes. This is a Cardigan.
And here’s the link to the cal.vet.upenn.edu page I typed in on the comment page. Easier if it’s clickable.

Or for the individual pictures:


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5 Responses to Hips

  1. Traci says:

    Do we know the dog whose x-rays you put up here? Interesting to see the comparisons… some of them are SO SLIGHT! Still miffed that Kota is Fair… but i guess i just need to be glad that he passed… now im curious to have Sedona done, but not sure i have the money to do Penn Hip 🙁

  2. C-Myste says:

    Yes, we know who they are (at least some of us do). It’s not my dog so I’m not sure that I’m at liberty to say.

    Kota’s look quite good by comparison.

    The differences may be slight, but the relationships are there. My best education was the day we did rads of 3 dogs on one day. One got an excellent rating (Chiquita), the second a good (Quizzy), and the third a fair (Quincy). I could see the difference in the three before they were rated.

  3. beautifulwolf says:

    Now I just need to learn to read x-rays…. but I’m more of a genetics geek ;0P

  4. Cardimom says:

    Boy, this posting showed up at an interesting time. I just took my 3 yr old girl Holly in for x-rays this week. . . moderate dysplasia and early arthritic changes. No more agility for her! A huge blow because we were having sooo much fun. And a big worry about what this means for keeping her comfortable in the future.

  5. C-Myste says:

    Some dogs do very well on rimadyl for pain. Don’t let the horror stories scare you off as I believe that reactions to it are actually rare.

    If Holly starts having pain issues you might consider giving it a try. Julie is able to take just half of a 25 mg tablet whenever she gets a little sore.

    Agility is a terrific sport and I really enjoyed competing in it. But I made the decision that for me, it was just a little too hard on the dogs’ bodies. When I was active in it I saw many people who continued to compete with dogs who were in pain. There were discussions of chiropractic for the dogs, etc. YMMV but for me it’s not worth it.

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