Loaded shoulders & more

For Emily: above is Traum at 6 weeks.


Eight week old male puppy with loaded shoulders.


Kacy in younger days. You can see the width of her front and the way her shoulders are put on outside of her body.

And her sister Dru, with the same shoulder problem.

Also, I just remembered that the Cardicommentary site has really good front pictures and descriptions. Start with the front page which has pictures of excellent fronts and then click on the links at the bottom to show fronts with faults of various severity.


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  1. Léo says:

    Would you say Skye also had loaded shoulders? There was a 4 inch wide gap between his scapula. This caused him too elbow out and stand wide.

    The IS picture still bothers me. From the cardicommentary site it may be better described as being too wide and round as in picture mff2 on the minor faults page . If you pull up the pdf and look at the drawing right alongside that you can see what I mean. And then do the same thing with the good front page.

    This could be corrected with better shadowing on the IS drawing to make that chest appear more tucked in the “pits” or areas between the chest and upper arms. Maybe I’ll play around with the IS image on Photoshop later.

    This has been a great discussion Carolyn. Thanks.

  2. StubbyDog says:

    Lizzie’s shoulders are loaded to me, although slightly less as she has grown up than when she was a baby. I feel like it’s a combo of her rounder chest, plus needing a better shoulder layback.

  3. Baledwr says:

    Be careful lest the fault judging come back…

    And yes, Jeri, I would agree on Lizzie’s shoulder’s and why, however she has many nice things that get past that…

    Generally “loaded” shoulders will be put on outside of the body line. I’m not sure how to describe it but when you feel them they are bunchy and not smooth and fitted. I’m not talking about the elbow but the shoulder assembly itself.

    Actually I don’t remember Dru’s shoulder being that loaded. Her main problem (accentuated by this picture, which was totally out of coat) was placement and strait upper arm. See how the whole shoulder assembly is under her neck? It should be a couple inches further back. Also because the angle of the shoulder is so open and the upper arm so short, she was tending to knuckle slightly. Her markings just accentuate it, however it would be fun to do a post with colored lines drawn on shoulders to show placement and angles (actual vs optimal).

    Poor Dru – here we can also see her lack of rear angle, slightly roached topline and tail with a shepherd’s crook…can we please bury this picture forever?

    Dru did have a lovely neck, fairly nice head planes and good prosternum. If I remember right her chest shape itself was nice and she was a balanced mover. Don’t quote me tho because it’s been several years!

    PS why do I always look MAD when concentrating in pictures?

  4. StubbyDog says:

    No worries, I love my girl and think she has a lot of very nice qualities, and her overall silhouette and style I love. :o) But it’s appropriate to know what I’d like to fix in another generation! And also what I want to keep. Discussions like this are always interesting because to me this is where I can start to put the “WHY” behind something. It’s one thing to be able to say “that dog doesn’t have a great topline”, but it’s another to say “her topline is off because her shoulder layback isn’t great, which also contributes to a bit of a loaded shoulder.” :o)

    Also interesting, despite her less-than-ideal layback and chest shape, she doesn’t have a large gap at the point of her shoulder. There’s about 1 to 1.5 inches in between her shoulder blades which is, to my understanding, about what you want?

  5. Alden says:

    Wow! The picture of the 8-week-old puppy looks almost like Fig! I had to wake him up to make sure it wasn’t him.

    I think Duncan has a nice front, but I’m very, very biased. 😉

  6. Tavs says:

    Dang, Carolyn, looking at your blog always makes me want a dog to show. I wonder if I could do it without tripping over the dog. Doubtful. I’ll just have to come give you guys my moral support as often as I can.

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