The Bobs at 4 weeks

It has been interesting raising the Bobs for the last few weeks. They are now 4 weeks and 3 days old. By this age Cardigan puppies are nearly weaned and are beginning table training. Perhaps it’s because there are only two of them, or perhaps SV puppies are just smaller and less mature, but the Bobs have only started to accept food-other-than-mom for the last couple of days.

They have finally reached the point where they will come to the edge of the pool and ask to get picked up. Here’s Bob1:

And Bob2 is below:

Funny-looking little critters, aren’t they? Barb & Cheri want their turn with them, and Cheri will be coming to get them in a few days.

Then really have been very little work. They have never even climbed out of their whelping pool yet.

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