Grandpa Klark

I was asked for some pictures of Klark (Phi-Vestavia Kallel) who is now grandpa or great-grandpa (or great-great grandpa) to generations of Cardigans.

First, here he was as a youngster:

Klark sired a single litter, bred to Tess (Ch C-Myste Thistle and Shamrock). Now 10 years old, he has spent these many years since living with Jen and Bill Mscichowski in Portland, Oregon.

Klark and granddaughter Xena (Baledwr American Beauty)

Xena was tragically lost to a bread-bag accident.

Below is Klark and grandson Buzz (C-Myste Baledwr Good Vibrations)

I really see similarities between Klark and his half-sister Phoebe.

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