A good day to be a dog

We took a jaunt over to the beach yesterday. The two boys got to go, and we took whichever girl asked the first and loudest. That turned out to be the ancient one. Julie probably doesn’t have all that many beach trips left, so she got to go.

Tom has a new camera so he took many pictures and tested various settings.

Waves crashing on the jetty at Bandon (Bullard’s Beach).

The “best place on earth”. The beach at Cape Blanco, Humbug Mountain in the distance.

Huxley, whose coat is coming back in black and glossy.
Sitting in the sun on a log is another favorite beach activity.
“Don’t bother me, I’m asleep.”

Julie is an expert at this activity.

Another reason that Cape Blanco is a favorite beach:

The relative lack of people and big black chow mixes who try to eat Huxleys is another plus.

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