Maggie & Denzil pictures

Lani sent us pictures:

And one with the two-legged child as well:

Accompanying report:

For trial news: Denzil got his RE in April with a score of 96 and third place out of ~20. We lost points for ticking the jump and “excessive barking”. It was COLD and WINDY — Denzil was feeling really good and, apparently, wanted everyone to know how exciting rally is. I’m not sure when we’ll next get in the ring. The oppressive summer heat is setting in and I just can’t bring myself to do outdoor trials in the heat. We’ll be back at it in September for sure as some of our favorite shows are in that month.

Maggie & Denzil are both happy & healthy. Denzil went to the vet last week for his shots and the vet was VERY impressed with how he is doing, given his back problems earlier in the year. The vet even thought he could do agility again. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk.

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