Russ and Tina came by yesterday on their way to Ashland for the weekend. It was great to see Stratus again (and Gryff, too). I’m pretty sure that the dogs should have been tired enough to sleep quietly in the motel room while Russ & Tina went to the play.

Of course we had to get some pictures.

“Hey guys, look! A running-water giant dog bowl!”

After circling the house 40 times.

Stratus is still a handsome man-dog.

Gryff is C-Myste Good Grief, Renny x Flirt. Both boys have lately been enjoying herding lessons at Brigands Hideout. Reportedly Gryff thinks all sheep belong to him.


“Love me, I’m the baby.”
I did warn Tina that Huxley is a laptop before he landed in her lap.
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