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In the beginning, there were bulldogs. Who are always in the beginning because they don’t breathe when it gets hot. Or something like that.

Le’o showing Gus Gus. Here he is not being a jerk.


Le’o gaiting Gus Gus. Yes, bulldogs do actually gait. In slow motion. Seriously, this looks pretty nice.


They just aren’t quite built like the dogs that we are used to.

I can never have too many moving pictures of Digger.


And I think I had his butt-curls much better than I did at Bandon.

Tom was able to get some really nice pictures of Savannah. She is turning into a purdy girl.

Nice reach.


Kayla and Le’o.

Sarah showed Huxley for me on Saturday. I stayed on Digger for Best of Winners. Emily took him in for me on Sunday.

Sarah sweet-talking my dog.


Huxley coming.


And Huxley going.
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