The ancient one

Last night the dogs all ran in to their crates for chicken dinner. Julie wasted no time at all scarfing hers down. After dinner as usual I let all except the pregnant one and the ancient one out in the front pasture for play time. I went back in to let Julie out of her crate to wander around out front with me, intending to put Alice in the dog yard and then let her in the house for a while.

The scene started out normally: Julie sniffed through each of the other crates to make sure no food was left, snagged a piece of left-over oxtail bone from one, Rah-Rah’ed at Alice’s crate on the way by, and ran out the door with her prize in her mouth.

She stopped as soon as she hit the front lawn to take a dump, squatted,

. . . . . . . and fell over.

She got back up and walked around a bit but seemed to be limping on her good leg in front. I called (or rather motioned) her back into the house. Over the course of a few minutes she progressed from limping on the one leg to limping on all 4 legs.

Feeling her all over we determine that she is not in any pain. Sensation in all 4 feet and wagging her tail. We note a lack of bladder control as the are dribbles where she is laying on the floor. Tom thought maybe she finally gave herself a stroke barking at Alice. I think that it’s probably her back acting up.

I gave her 1/2 of a 25 mg rimadyl and put a pad in the corner of the bedroom with a couple of sections of ex-pen to block her in.

This morning Julie seems somewhat better. Last night by the time I put her to bed she could barely get up and walk on the pergo at all. Now she is a drunken sailor, but she is mobile.

I would like her to see 14 . . .

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