Alice’s puppies: first day


Boy 1 – Classic markings


Boy 2 – white spot on back



Boy 3 – one of the little ones



Boy 4 – cool markings (but they may grow together)



Boy 5 – He of the noble white head



Girl 1



Girl 2 – Big red brindle



Girl 3



Girl 4 – I think half-masks are so cute



And girl 5 -the other little one

The next game is “name that puppy”. Usually I memorize an order to the puppies. In a natural delivery it’s birth order but with c-section puppies I group them by sex and color. Then I give them litter call names alphabetically. When we register the puppies they are in the same order (01=A, 02=B, etc). We don’t have to start with “A”, any letter will do. Just remember that there are 10 puppies and some letters are hard to use.

Any takers?

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