Puppies at 5-1/2 weeks

I can’t believe how fast they are growing. Some still need a little work learning to hold still on the table. Ok, they need a lot of work. Thank you, Tom, for your patience with us.

I gave up on the collar idea after Ace. Voted the puppy most resembling a St Bernard, Jamie and Catherine temporarily renamed Ace “Cartman”.

Bogie is a very attractive puppy, and quite mellow in disposition.


I am very pleased with how Clem looks right now. She is one of the outgoing “go-getters” in the litter.

And then there is Eagle, of course. Still small, but feisty and working hard to catch up.


Feather is the mellow, squooshy girl. But she is also the one who is first out of the box now whenever she gets the chance. She loves to sit on laps.

Golda is sill as attractive as ever. She has a presence about her.


Heather is a cutey pie. A squarer puppy than Golda, but with a more feminine head and expression.

I like Ikey more all the time. He has a lot of eye-appeal and an outgoing personality. He was named after Kyle’s little brother on South Park in case you didn’t guess.

Yep, Jiggers is still cute. I am starting to see the masculine dog he will become.
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