Bye to Bogie and Feather

Yesterday two more puppies journeyed north to new homes. Mark, Ken, and Sweet Pea came to pick up their Christmas present to themselves. Bogie will henceforth be known as Cosmo, C-Myste Baledwr Probable Cause.

Seet Pea at our house. Isn’t she lovely? Doesn’t she look like her mom Inca? I don’t see much of dad in this one.

On the ride back to Eugene.


“You brought me a $*#()% puppy for Christmas?!!”

John & Susan McIntyre took Feather off to her new life in Portland. Feather will now be known as Lilly. John and Susan owned Sam, one of our Juneau daughters, who they lost last February.


Six puppies still here, playing with mom this morning. Six is still a normal-sized litter.

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