Constitution litter

I love playing the name game. I have had the name picked out for my puppy for quite some time.

“Heather” will now be known as “Molly” in honor of Molly Ivins and will be registered as:
C-Myste Baledwr Free Speech

Those who know me well know how important I consider the first amendment to the US Constitution. Along with freedom of speech, the separation of church and state is another issue which I believe to be critical. It seems that I am in a minority these days.

I believe that Ikey will be “Chase” and registered as:
C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness (abbreviated as needed)

Other potential names that we have come up with so far in keeping with the theme include:

Search n’ Seizure
Due Process
Speedy Trial
Double Jeopardy
Equal Protection
Probable Cause
Reasonable Doubt (I think that’s been used)
Full Faith n’ Credit
State of the Union
Trial by Jury
Redress of Grievance
Free Press
Excessive Fine
Cruel n’ Unusual
States Rights
Bill of Rights
Suffragette (I really like that one for a girl)
Common law

Recent suggestion for Clem: Right to Redress
and Free to Disagree for Jiggers

If Jiggers is going to stay here for a while, I need to rename him. “Jiggers” sounds too much like his brother “Digger”.

Comments and additions to the list are welcome.

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