Libby goes to work

Libby had a vet appointment today to get her health certificate for her big flight on Friday. So as not to have to make an hour-long round trip, she went to the office for the day. I was amazed at how good she was.

Of course it was a little difficult to keep everyone “on task”. Shown is our “karate dog” which Mandy will remember. It makes random karate sounds when squeezed (“hie YAH!!”) and is most often used after phone calls from annoying people.

Most of the time she just crawled into the crate (with the door left unzipped) and went to sleep. It is no accident BTW that I designed our new office with a corgi-crate-sized hole under my work area.

Shelley, you know that if you don’t like this puppy that you can send her right back!!

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