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I meant to get these pictures up over the weekend, but yesterday we took advantage of a rare sunny day to move the kennels. Again. So that four more feet are under the cover and we took of the low fiberglass panels in the middle. We figured out that rain was hitting the middle section and running into the front which would otherwise have been dry.

We’re down to just three puppies, and only a few more days until Libby leaves us.

I wanted to share a few of the pictures people have sent of the puppies in their new homes.


Chase with Kip, his new big brother and “hero”. As expected, Inca is less than thrilled with the addition of a new family member.


Chase’s ears are looking pretty good.


Cosmo with Sweet Pea, who appears somewhat happier with her new partner-in-crime than is her biological mother.

Corgi pre-wash.

Lily. These pictures were made at Christmas so I’m sure that she has already grown.

And for s slide show of Ace and his new family click here. Well, the first one is here with me. Ignore that picture.

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