Penni sent a new table-stacked picture of Chase. Very pretty. I need to train my puppy.

And in other news . . .

We had no less than 6 technicians call in sick at the day-job yesterday. Now at first our guess was “too much superbowl party” but no. Reportedly the boss was sick when he came to work for one day on Friday, and his wife told him he was contagious and shouldn’t go in. He’s been down in Las Vegas with his mom, who has been hospitalized following knee surgery. Great, probably one of those hospital bugs.

I have it too. Fortunately I felt fine on Saturday and Sunday when we did chores and went shopping for New York clothes. Woke up coughing yesterday. Came home and went to bed last night instead of going to the kennel club meeting and I feel a little better this morning. I have a couple of days to get over it.

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