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Update: when the dog ran my track on Sunday it was snowing! Well, more like ice pellets in blowing 30 mph wind than snow, actually. The dog that drew my track came very close to passing in spite of it. She missed the article on the next-to-last leg. It was down in the bottom of a draw and I think the scent trail was a little displaced from the track.

The test included 2 TD’s, 3 TDX’s, and 2 VST’s. We only had a single TD pass this year.

. . . a great day for enjoying the out-of-doors and going for a walk in the wildlife refuge. I’ll share a few pictures that I snapped while re-walking my track (a TDX) and while walking back to the road. It was one of those days when there is no place on earth better to be than here.

View between the table rocks and out towards home.


From somewhere out there around the second corner of the track.


Zoomed in so the flags are fore-shortened. I wanted you to see the fresh snow on the hills.

Up close and personal with one of the vernal pools. The pools are quite healthy this year. The water was mid-calf deep in places. This was on the walk to get out, rather than on the actual track.

The duck ponds are overflowing. Beyond the grass clumps = pond. This side of the grass clumps = road. Four-wheel-drive trucks are our friends.


Ducks and grebes on one of the ponds.

And tomorrow I get to walk it two more times.

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