Office pets

First, here’s a picture of Sweet Pea and Cosmos that Mark sent yesterday.


Reportedly Cosmos is cuddly like Molly and Alice.


Some people have cats. The accounting staff have crabs. More cost effective: don’t need to be spayed and neutered and don’t need boxes full of kitty-litter. Also no danger of them making a break out the door with the UPS man.


Ah, what should I wear today?


Unh. Not worth the trouble of changing.

Molly had been coming to the office with me the last few days while Tom is in California. He’s afraid that something might carry her off if she’s out alone during the day. A hawk, an eagle, or a dog-napper: I’m not sure which. Molly and I are happy for the excuse.


See how well color-coordinated she is. Good thing she’s a brindle, huh?

Such a hard life. So much work. Sometimes she even has to move so as not to get rolled on.


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