Pictures from Albany

People have asked about Pilot, the formerly broken puppy. His elbow is healing fine. You can still see which arm was shaved, but he does not appear to be favoring the leg at all.

He is turning into quite an attractive little dog.

And he’s a feisty, bratty boy. Ask his sister Molly.

Mandy and her puppy. Notice the trees blooming in the background. It always seems backwards to me that when we travel north of here to the Willamette Valley that spring comes earlier. No trees are blooming locally, but from Canyonville north it is becoming colorful.

And here’s my Molly at 5 months. Yes, we’re still fighting with the ears.


Photo shoots are terribly boring.

We had an early ring-time Sunday so relaxed in our room early Saturday night. Tired dogs.

Not long after I took this picture I couldn’t find Molly. I looked around and she had crawled into one of the crates and gone to sleep. “Time for the puppy to go to bed.”

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