A couple of people have recently asked how Summer is doing. Denise brought her by the office yesterday afternoon for a short visit. She’s in full molt, but other than that is in good condition. She was also more confident than she was on her initial visit and Denise says that she’s making great strides in that respect.

Summer: “I only have eyes for Mom.”


Can you see a touch of The Dink in those eyes?

There are breeds, I suppose, that you can just throw in a kennel and then whip out and take in the show ring without socialization or training. Cardigans are not one of those breeds if they exist at all. There is a reason that we start taking our puppies out to shows as soon as they have most of their shots. I also believe that they do better as house pets rather than kennel dogs.

This is a puppy who was sure-of-herself and outgoing at 10 weeks of age. She comes from a easy-going laid-back sire and a full-of-herself social butterfly dam. A pup from different parents could have been ruined for life.

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