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We haven’t had much opportunity for photography this show. Since our club put on the Thursday and Friday show I had to work all day after showing. And I’ve had Tom busily holding dogs and shuffling them in-and-out of crates during the Cardigan judging.

Results so far (after 3 days): Molly earned her first point first time ever in the ring on Thursday. Hannah was Winners Bitch both Friday and today (Saturday) and today Hannah was also Best of Winners with Molly taking Reserve Winners Bitch.

Hannah is up to 14 points (it takes 15 to finish a championship) so we’re holding our breath!

Here are a few pictures that we managed to get today.

Digger on the table getting beautiful. You can’t tell how cold it is, so you’ll have to trust me. We had an 8 a.m. ring time all 4 days so I was outside the trailer grooming before 7 each day.

Molly awaiting her ride to the arena.

And Hannah says that you have to get up far too early when you show at 8 a.m. When you get back a good long nap is required.

There were puppy groups today and Molly was best Cardigan puppy by default. Kelly had a puppy boy but he was entered in Bred-by Exhibitor.

Molly and mom after making Molly all pretty again.


Once around in the puppy group ring.


In the herding group line-up.


Awaiting our turn behind the Sheltie.


It helps to kiss the judge, right?


“Where are we going, mom? That nice man wanted to kiss me.”


“More great bait, please.”

In the final line-up working hard . . . and the end result was a Puppy Group II. The Aussie was first and the much-better trained Sheltie was third. Molly is trotting really nicely on a loose lead after just 3 mornings of in-the-ring training.

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