Another Nighttime kid

Amanda Glinzak saw Alvin’s updated picture so sent me an update on Toby, C-Myste Nighttimemagic. Amanda says ” I still can’t believe it’s been 7 years since we got him, but he has turned into a wonderful dog for our entire family: incredibly loving, loyal, and a complete goofball.” That description would pretty well fit Elvis too, wouldn’t it.

“Toby likes to camp out in the car while I unpack on trips back from college. ”

“Toby waits every night for permission to jum on the bed, though the other night he got tangled up in my gym bag while waiting and I couldn’t resist taking a picture.”

“Faithfully guarding the doggie door. “


Toby was “Drake” in the Elmo/Kacy litter. One of several fuzzy puppies.


And by request from Paul, here’s Ethan’s mom Zoe (originally Hannah).

And this girl was here just this weekend. It’s “Beaky”, er Stormy in all else a Kacy clone. She was the original “Fancy”. These pictures were at 8 weeks of age, taken in July of 2001.

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