Eugene day four

I know, I know . . . I skipped day three. Some days are like that. Yesterday Dixie’s bitch was WB and BOB, Hux was BOS by default, Molly was again reserve.

Today the Fish’s bitch Secret was WB, Savannah was reserve, Molly didn’t go farther than winning her class. Oh, and Huxley was breed. Groups don’t start until 2:15 and we’re in the 5th group so I came back to pack up and post pictures.
Kate asked for some new stacked pictures of Hux so we snapped a few. I should have stretched him out a little more. Funny how the camera can make something look different than what I see with my naked eye.

Anyway, at 4 years of age (the day after tomorrow) Huxley has really buffed up. He’s not fat: that’s all dog. About 40 lbs of dog, I believe, after lifting him on the table all weekend. Last time I weighed him he was “only” 38 lbs but I think that he’s put on more muscle since then.

His coat is gloriously black-to-the-skin and glistening. I need to work a little more on the waves for Richland.


Molly still kinda looks like a weasel to me, but judges and other people have been complementary to her this weekend. I’m willing to give her the time. And she’s adorable: never met a stranger and on her toes.

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