Fall Frolics

Pilot is visiting us for a few months while Alice is traded off to Mandy in a reciprocal agreement. Molly and Huxley have mostly enjoyed having him here.

Yesterday between showers I decided it was a good idea to let the dogs out to run and have a good play for a while. Alas, we are heading into that time of year when most of the hours I am home are during the dark.

Family conference: “Hey guys, what game should we play?”


“I know: let’s chase Phoebe!” (That’s almost always the game.)
Pilot with his tongue hanging out. Very attractive.


The boys: Pilot and Huxley (with ol’ blind Kacy in the background).

Molly taking a little break. Yeah, she’s cute but don’t tell her.


Kacy at 12 + 7 months doesn’t play much or wander off much anymore. But she enjoys the sunshine.


Beautiful day. Our property line goes to the fence by the house next door (blue house). The sheep are loose in that section so the gate between is closed. I didn’t feel like “herding lessons” yesterday.

Pilot: “Watcha doing mom? Did you call me?”

Vicious puppies. They spend a lot of time doing this.

Finished up with a good dip in the (almost empty) stock trough to cool off.
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