Puppy party!

Obligatory picture of child with puppy. Isabel is amazingly good with the puppies for her age. I know: sugar overload!

I somehow didn’t manage to get a decent picture of every puppy from each side once I uploaded them. It’s easy to forget exactly where you are when there are 10 puppies.

Megan has more “going home” pictures on her blog.

Albus, now known as Fig came home with me until Alden comes on Tuesday.



Bryan will now be Sage. Kathy and Moe are on their way to meet him.


Colbert will also be going home to California tomorrow.


Duncan went to live with Jane and learn to herd.


Elwood went home to Sammamish with Peggy and David.


Franklin is now Heidi’s Frodo.


Gretta stays with Megan. She’s working on a new call name . . . stay tuned.


I came pretty darn close to taking little Hope home today. She is a sparky little princess. Everybody knows how I love sparky little princesses.


We have decided that Iris is too beautiful to go anywhere. She went home with Henry and Mandy. Henry promises to housetrain her and then wants to show her.



And Josie with her freckles inherited from grandma Phoebe is just adorable. She is the only pet still a-lookin’ for a home.
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