Your Oregon Legislature at work for you . . .

Obviously someone in the legislature has way to much time on his hands.  Or maybe he thinks that law enforcement in the state is so underworked that they need a new project.  A project which would involve reading thousands of dog pedigrees.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, take a look at HB2986.

Prohibits inbreeding of dogs by breeder. Makes first violation
subject to maximum fine of $360. Makes second or subsequent
violation subject to maximum fine of $720.

Requires breeder to keep records showing parentage and
grandparentage of dogs and puppies. Makes violation subject to
maximum fine of $720.

We all keep pedigrees on our dogs. Of course we do.  But not because the state police are going to come check and make sure we do.  Give me a break!

While I’ve only done one half-brother, half-sister cross breeding a common grandparent is quite frequent.  Eek: doggy incest!!

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