Baddog pictures for Traci

Traci is bemoaning one of Chance’s more unpleasant behaviors on her blog. I am so glad that Huxley is not  a marker. The only time he seems to think that it’s necessary is when his brother Chaucer has been here.

When we visited Traci last month, she also commented on the scratches which had appeared on her coffee table and end table.  We were able to find the source of those scratches and hereby submit documentary evidence to aid in the conviction of the culprit.


Yes, Traci left for work on Tuesday morning and no sooner had the door closed than Chance was on the end table.  He stayed there  just about the entire time until her return.  Kota and Sedona came and touched noses with him a couple of times (I missed that picture) and then wandered on about their business.  We could tell that this was the normal state of affairs on workdays.

On the “great stud dog” front at our house: Kayla should be a week pregnant with Huxley’s puppies (fingers crossed).  And Lizzie will be flying in soon to visit Pilot.  It was going to be tonight, but has been rescheduled until Thursday due to the low temperatures predicted today.  While the dogs here have been acclimated to temperatures down in the 20’s, the same does not hold true for Alabama gals.

We leave for nationals on what should be day 11 in Lizzie’s cycle.  We may be making puppies in a motel room in SLC.

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