The Lizzie has Landed and other news

Lizzie arrived safely from Alabama and we got her home just before 11 p.m. last night.   Objective: operation romance with Pilot.

Pilot is completely enamored but Lizzie is having no part of it yet.


Guess what?  Kathy finally killed the last hermit crab at work (ok, not on purpose).  Hermit crabs, BTW, are pretty boring as far as pets go.  I figured that they would want fish in the aquarium but there was a disagreement with who would have to clean the fish tank. So Mari went to the pet store to see what she could find that wouldn’t require water being brought into the office . . .


and came back with “Bud”. They are telling me that his “registered” name is “Texas Bud Lite Sissy”. I’m told that it’s something from Mari’s favorite-movie-of-all-time “Urban Cowboy” but the reference is escaping me.

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