Alden & kids & Fig stopped by for a visit this morning so that we could determine the fate of Fig’s balls. And wow, is he ever growing up cute.  Also, the puppy classes have definitely helped and Fig will now stand on the table without attempting to jump off.  I think that he should keep his male parts for a while.

p1020390Yes, he does have a lot of white and I can guarantee that will hurt him with some judges.  But the color does not only touch but encircles the eye on his off-side.
p1020392Alden was concerned about his tail, but both his carriage and set are fine.  And his topline is really good for his age.


I’ve invited Alden to bring Fig to the Bandon shows 4th of July.  I hope that she’ll be able to do so.


Word of advice for those planning to do the Hellsgate Jet Boats on the Rogue: sun screen.

Funny comment that Alden relayed from the instructor at the puppy class.  The instructor is a very proper British lady a la Barbara Woodhouse.  She entoned that Fig “is very naughty for such a fancy puppy.”

Hmmm . . . seems that I’ve heard of some other naughty “fancy” puppy before.

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