“Rescues” as a business

I’ve had a few questions about some of the practices of a local organization even before last year when a Sheltie/Corgi cross that I checked out in Klamath Falls turned up available in Medford with a different name.

This week, they brought in a busload of small dogs from the Fresno area to sell.  We have way too many lab crosses and pitbull crosses locally.  People want small dogs as pets.  (See Mail Tribune article “Furry Friends from Fresno” 05/09/09.)   People are always being told to adopt a rescue rather than buying from a breeder.  So much better to save a life than to support the over-production and over-population of pets.

But some people would rather have a Cardigan than a pitbull or lab mix.  Me, for example.  But I digress.

Yesterday someone dumped a box of dead shepherd/lab puppies at the same “shelter” (See Mail Tribune article “A Grim Discovery” 05/11/09.)

From article: “Templeman said uncovering the cruel deaths of the puppies was especially disheartening as the society was finding new homes this weekend for a busload of small dogs — mostly Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes — rescued from Fresno, Calif.-area shelters. Thirty-one of those 63 dogs went home with new families over the weekend and more are on hold for prospective owners.”

I’m trying to figure out what one thing has to do with another.  Why was it “especially disheartening”?  These were yet more large-breed mix puppies that were not going to be desirable and therefore profitable.   I wonder if the “breeder” tried to surrender the puppies to the shelter and was turned down.

Yes the deaths were horrible and the owners need to be prosecuted.  It was irresponsible that the puppies were born in the first place.  Perhaps these are the kind of people that animal rights groups are labeling as the “breeders” who should not be supported?

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