Two-dog office

A drama in three acts played out under my desk yesterday.

p1020591Act I: Where Huxley has his chewie and Phoebe thinks very hard.

p1020592Act II: Where Phoebe takes action to remedy the situation.

p1020594Act III: Where Huxley is depressed.

Yes, Phoebe was at the day-job yesterday.  Actually the day started out when I took her to the vet to get spayed.   But before the deed was done, I had some assistance in coming back to sanity.  Or perhaps coming back to insanity.   Phoebe had two litters by Carbon and it does seem a waste not to try something else as well.  She is a lovely girl with an excellent pedigree, and is only about the age that Alice was when she had her Hunter puppies.  So we’re going to give her one more round, with plans for Chase to be the lucky dog.

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