From today’s Oregonian: Bill banning puppy mills clears Oregon Legislature.

Of course, we are all against “puppy mills”. But there are already statutes that deal with animal abuse and neglect.  I don’t understand how the new legislation will make it more enforced.

They did raise the initial limit from 25 dogs to 50.  I’m sure that there are some mushers who were glad for that.  But then again the bill says “for the primary purpose of reproduction”.  That would theoretically exempt all but commercial breeders.

In other words: it would exempt hoarders.  The worst cases we have seen as far as abusive and neglectful conditions have not been from USDA-inspected kennels.  It has been from hoarders whose dogs are kept for reasons relating to the mental-health status of the owner, not for the express purpose of breeding.

In one of the more inane parts of the bill, it makes it illegal to stack crates.  Huh?   And the care portion of the bill, including this provision, pertains to anyone with 10 or more dogs who are 8 months or older.  Ten dogs is not all that many for any hobby breeder who is actively showing and also keeps retirees.   Mandy and I have 9 between us.   And when her 4 visit my 5 we will certainly need to stack the crates in the dog room.

Oh, and it looks like you have to put the dogs somewhere else if you need to scoop poop out in the dog yard.  That’s ok: Alice prefers to scoop it herself anyway.

Text of bill

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