Comings and Goings

Or goings . . .

Phoebe sings “I’m just a sittin’ on the dock of the bay . . .”
She made it safely to Albuquerque and Penni will have updates on her blog.

And comings . . .

We picked up Rio yesterday and we get to play with him for the week. I could easily keep him, but need a puppy like I need to be shot in the foot.

This morning Alice and Molly are showing him around.

P1020911Alice: “Come on, kid. I’ll show you where the apples are and where the cats go.”

P1020912Molly: “And here’s the best place to rub your itchy back.”

We took the tape off to see how the ears are doing. Right now they are gorgeous – though they may still need another round.

Boy, is he Huxley’s son or what?

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