New Family Member

No, not a Cardigan. But not living at my house, either!

Introducing Teddy Bear, AKA “Teddy”, a 4-year-old Pom girl who now lives with my mom & dad. Teddy was more-a-less a rescue. Her first owner died, then she was passed from relative to relative until she ended up across the street from my parents’ house. She needed someone who had more time for her and who she could wrap around her little finger . . . or make that paw.

p1020814Teddy Bear with her new “mom”

I snapped these pictures when she came to the office the other day, but then she also came for dinner this weekend (no, I didn’t let the Cardigans eat her). Cute little thing, and portable. She only weighs 5 lbs 2 oz, but could stand to lose about 1/2 lb at that.

Her personality however is giant-sized.

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