Phatt Phoebbee will be Phlying

Penni said to call this post “If this is Thursday it must be Bulging”.

Phoebe didn’t fly to Albuquerque last weekend because I was still having lingering doubts that she was not pregnant after all. The problem is that Phoebe is normally quite svelte, so when she gains puppy weight she still doesn’t look humongous. I was that way with my first pregnancy, too.

This morning I measured her girth (23.5″), weighed her (34 lbs), and took a few pictures.

08-27-09 (2)

When you pick her up you can tell that her belly is hanging. She is also starting to “bag up”.
08-27-09 (3)
I compared her to the below picture from her first pregnancy:
This was taken on 08/16/04 and the puppies were born 11 days later on 08/27.

Another clue: she has gotten me up to let her out at around 4 a.m. the last few mornings.  This is almost unheard of for Phoebe.

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