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Not too long ago, I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to let me know that things were “being said” about a dog that I co-bred and co-own.  I was told that Vallhund Rikkii was being called “Rikkii-with-bad-hips” like it was a part of his name.  Rikkii had been Penn-hipped as many young boys are because he sired a litter before his second birthday.  The Penn-Hip ratings were acceptable, so Barb and Cheri had not worried about rushing out to do OFA as well the moment he turned two.  But (gasp) that meant that at the age of two years and five months he did not show on the OFA page so he must be “Rikkii-with-bad-hips”.  Not that I think that OFA is necessarily the definitive word on the quality of a dog or even the reading of hip x-rays . . . but that is another discussion.

So, for the interested and for the world to see Rikkii now is listed on the OFA page at the advanced age of two years and six months.  I wonder if it’s too late to redeam his reputation.  Or if the rumor-passer will bother to double-check the records.

BTW thank you again for alerting me to the rumor.

Display OFA Records


Registration: DN17680201 (AKC) Sire: DN06925905
Breed: SWEDISH VALLHUND Dam: DN08486501
Sex: M
Color: SABLE
Birthdate: Mar 2 2007

OFA Number Registry Test/Film Date Report Date Age Final Conclusion
VG-127G28M-VPI HIPS Jul 30 2009 Aug 25 2009 28 GOOD
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