What color will the Cheebes be?

With only the two of them, if they are both brindle it still won’t give a good indication of what Chase carries.

I just found a really good color page on a whippet site which has been updated now that we know that brindle is not at the K locus.  As whippets come in many designer colors (except merle) there are lots of pictures.

Phoebe is easy.  She is:
at at (black)
E e (carries clear red)
k k (non-brindle)

Chase’s mom Alice is:
Ay at (carries black)
E E (does not carry clear red)
Kbr Kbr (does not carry plain red)

Chase’s dad Hunter is:
Ay Ay (no blacks)
E e (carries clear red)
Kbr k (carries plain red)

Chase is genetically tested to be EE – no clear red, but we don’t know at this point if he will throw blacks (his brother Pilot does) or plain reds. The breeding to Phoebe should have told us that if there were enough puppies.

Chase could be:
Ay Ay – or – Ay at
and he could be
Kbr Kbr – or – Kbr k

(and I’m so happy that I just learned how to do the superscripts in html code)

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