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October is a popular month for birthdays, and here’s one I missed.  Kayla, recently of the great adventure, and her litter mates turned 5 years old on the 5th.

This litter was brindle x brindle (Deputy x Krissy) and we were blessed with brindles, blacks, a red/sable, and . . . pinks!  Actually they were more of a cream color at birth.  While Gracie stayed cream, the other two darkened.  Ned is one of those dogs who I now prefer to call “clear reds”.  Ned lives on the Northern California coast with his “mom” Hillary and “dad” Kevin.  Hillary sent some recent pictures:

HPIM0940 (Large)
HPIM1561 (Large)
NEdHere’s the message that Hillary sent with the pictures:

“Ned and his litter just turned five so I thought I would send you some pictures of the most handsome thing on four legs!!!

“We absolutely love Ned and think he is the most wonderful dog in the whole world. Your cardigans produce the best looking and best tempered corgis we have ever seen!! Ned is very stunning and flashy in his looks. We are always getting stopped by corgi lovers everywhere we go! He is so mellow, he just patiently waits while he is being fawned upon. He is completely ball crazy! That is all he wants to do! We feed him a raw diet and tested him one time on whether hamburger or ball was his favorite. Ball won! :o) He is very smart and knows a lot of words and commands. He would have been great in obedience or agility but I never pursued those options. We have just loved him as our fur-baby and he has gone everywhere with us. We just had our first baby and can’t wait for the time when Ned and our son can play together!

“Ned isn’t show quality in confirmation but temperament, looks and mellowness make him perfect in our eyes! Thank you again for such a lovely dog! We are truly thankful for our beautiful fur-baby, “

Aw, thanks (blush).

And Hillary and Kevin: big congratulations on your new human baby, too!

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