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Documenting the money spent on dogs in the last couple of weeks.

P1030202This was just before I took Alice’s stitches out this morning.  Poor girl: I should just have a zipper installed.  After two c-sections and now this!  I had thought to have her spayed at the same time, but the vet thought that would be too much stress on her, so at the age of 9 Alice is still intact.  No, we are not repeating the Hunter litter.  I’m not sure that I’ll want to have her opened up a fourth time, though.

And filed under “I’m glad that I’m not entered in the Roseburg shows” (which start tomorrow):


Yes, I do the dewclaws myself. Alone. And I always do everything to puppies in the order of their (alphabetical) names so that I can keep track. Pilot was “Jiggers”, puppy number 10 in the litter. I believe that I must have been a tad tired when I came to him. Since we plan to special him, we wanted to get the left-over dewclaw bits closer. He had a partial nail in front and a big wad of skin on the back.  I took the stitches out Monday evening, but it’s going to take a while for the hair to grow back over the owies.

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