SLUGWORTH or Proof a Cardi will eat anything

Today’s submission comes from Esther Nicholls in beautiful Glide, Oregon.

“I am sorry to hear about Alice and her eating disability. Tyner has given up his odd eating fetish at least to the extent he hasn’t had to have anymore surgery or anymore intestine removed. How many feet of intestine do they have anyway? He lost a couple feet of it.”

[C-Myste: Tyner, CH C-Myste Trustnluk Cloud Nine, had a blockage with a perforation from something hard and plastic not long after Esther got him.]

“I have sent you pictures of Charlie who was convinced he was eating the delicacy escargot.”

slugworth 017[C-Myste: Charlie is Huxley x Kayla, and belongs to Esther’s mom.]

“He wasn’t very happy when he couldn’t open his mouth and the slug was up his nostrils and he was having a hard time breathing( he was making slug bubbles but we couldn’t get that on film).
I think he understands that you have to cook them first and the ones he really wants are the ones with the shells.”

slugworth 018

“He is also quite the bug exterminator he will eat anything,crickets,beetles,bees, ants he sees it he eats it!

“We all just love this little fart he is soooo sweet he has the most gentle demeanor and is smart as a whip. I wish I could have seen Tyner when he was a puppy I bet he was just the same. Charlie is such a wonderful addition to the family and Mom has never been happier.”

Just for you, Esther: here’s Baby Tyner, formerly known as “Niner”.



Oh, and Alice is back to her old self with no ill-effects and no vet bill this time.

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