Charity misdirected?

There has been an on-going story of dogs in Harney county which were recently part of a large rescue effort.  Some 90 dogs were “rounded up” ealier but there are still reportedly dozens on the property.

Links to Oregonian articles:

Humane society rescues 100 dogs in eastern Oregon

Volunteers try to save dozens of dogs left in Harney County after Oregon Humane Society rescue

Now, don’t get me wrong: I don’t feel that anyone needs to have over 50 dogs.  Or that the needs of the dogs were being met.  But here is the part of the most recent article that’s bothering me:

“The dogs fed on carcasses and meat scraps that the couple picked up from a local meat processing plant. Cattle carcasses and bones litter the desolate piece of land.

“It’s difficult to describe how sad it is,” Epping said.

The Andersons are under a release agreement to help round up the dogs and feed them properly, Glerup said.

Safeway donated about 3 tons of dry dog food. “They just put aside bags that were broken,” Glerup said.”

Um. Ok.  So.  I just can’t help but feel that the dogs were being fed better on raw beef than on whatever cheap broken bags of food Safeway donated.  “feed them properly” indeed.

I guess the moral of the story is to pick up the bones after the dogs finish with them.

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