Another loss

This lovely Pembroke girl was Zipper, from the second litter we (well, technically Mandy & Brenda) had from Siskiyou’s Dream a Litl Dream. Zipper was lost last week to cancer at the age of 13. She was from a litter of 11 born in 1996, of which we saved 10.

hanks to Zipper’s owner Sharon Knowlton for the pictures.

Zipper is preceded in death by her half-brothers Trucker (back injury several years ago), Cosmo (recently), litter sisters Clytie (shock from crate injury many years ago) and Manda-Pixie (recently). Her half-sister Scootie is reportedly still growing strong, though blind, at almost 15.

It’s so hard, seeing them get old and pass on. I remember every one of them as puppies.

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