Guess the Breed Day

Today was a 4H event day at the fairgrounds. Several different activities were going on, most of which seemed to involve horses. But one of the events was a breed id quiz followed by a “Meet the Breed”. Huxley and Molly were the Cardigan victims who got to attend.

In all, there were 19 different breeds.  Each dog or handler was assigned a number.  4H-ers wandered around with orange sheets attempting to write a dog breed and group for each number.  The handlers had to be careful not to give the answer away.   I heard a few kids say “corgi” with some mangled attempts at “Cardigan” so there should have been a few correct answers.

There were big dogs, little dogs, show dogs, obedience dogs, and rescues.   Erin from the animal shelter brought a 13-year-old Chihuahua girl who is looking for a home.  I didn’t get pictures of everyone . . .

Molly in her usual “waiting for ear scratches and belly rubs” pose.  Huxley spent most of the time climbing up and down the bleachers behind me, at least as far a a 6-foot leash would let him go.  Have you ever noticed how much supposedly adult Cardigan boys can resemble adolescent human boys?

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