Little Visitors

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday:

A pen of 7 little things, all the same.

This is a Vallhund litter of Barb & Cheri’s: Hank x Reno.  There are 5 boys and 2 girls and are 9 weeks old.  And they all have cute waggly little tails.  I’m so glad that they weren’t docked.

After a few minutes with them, you start to be able to tell them apart.  Here are my four favorites.  They’re not very well table-trained yet, unfortunately.

This is the pick boy, who already has a show home waiting.  He has a collar on to tell him apart easily.  He has the best spitzy tail.

This boy is “Pirate”, Cheri’s favorite.

Both of the girls are quite nice.  This is the one that I liked better of the two at the moment.

And here is the other girl.

For more information on the pups, e-mail Barb.   We’ll get to see the pups again at Portland in a couple of weeks.

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