Party Puppy Day

I know that I’ve been a little behind with blogging the last couple of weeks. Two weeks between the Portland show and vacation means that I’ve been working double-fast to get everything done. Three counties of property taxes (we have to list all systems that are commercial leases), the final books for 2009, not to mention all of the payroll reports, then throw in some more things for SOKC and a meeting . . . but it’s all done!

Today was party day at the office. Ray’s 60th birthday is coming up Sunday so we bought him a special cake (with his own money, of course).

Of course, a couple more of us aren’t far behind. Tomorrow is also Melynie’s birthday and today was her last day before surgery so it worked out to be a “cake for breakfast” kind of day. All of the employees were in attendance as it was also the day that two more groups had the pleasure of attending the latest “can’t-we-all-get-along” seminar. This one is a “what color are you” discovery (see quick test at Purple, by the way. At least at this job. I may have a more mellow color other places.

Then . . . guess who came to visit? It’s Huxley’s daughter Minnie from Minnie-sota. I so wish that Hux could have been there to meet her (he’s spending a few weeks and Grandma Louise’s). But he will get a chance.

Who can resist such a sweet puppy? Answer: nobody. You can just feel the tension draining from your body.
I tried to make amends for the (ahem) lack of stacked photos to this point, but the counter didn’t really lend itself to the purpose. I can tell you that Minnie has a wonderful topline and tailset, and a very mellow temperament.

Grandma Carolyn taped her ears for her.

For those who don’t know, Minnie’s new “dad” Glenn was the breeder of good ol’ Jawoo. Minnie is a Julie great-great-great granddaughter, so is a great-great-great-great granddaughter to Glenn’s first Cardigan Dixie. They also have Gabby, a Juneau/Cindy daughter who is litter sister to Susan Beamus’s Spencer (Ch Trustnluk Somethin’ for Nothin).  Minnie also sports Thorny (Ch Gorthleck Blackthorn) whom Glenn co-owned, on the bottom side of her pedigree.

I hope that she will continue the herding andfarm-dog legacy of her forebears.

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