Dog Show Terrorists?

The below is currently circulating through the dog e-mail list universe.

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I DON’T SUPPORT HSUS OR PETA, neither should you. EDUCATE YOURSELF These organizations are not what you think they are.

To all who show, I received this from my showdog list.

By the way, this is a warning to all who show ­ at the show this weekend (Belleville , Illinois). PETA terrorists put antifreeze in water dishes when dogs were out being shown. The handlers noticed the pink color (they said it looked like Kool-Aid) and changed the water, discovering by the odd smell what it was. It was announced over the loudspeaker to not put your dogs into their crates without checking water dishes first. Lots of people immediately took their dogs out and locked them in motor homes. We just decided that one of us would be guarding the crates at all times from now on. I am furious about it. This is what they consider Ethical Treatment of Animals? They are sick people.

There has been debate on showdogs-l as to whether the event happened as the only reports are second-hand. People agree that the announcer did come on over the loudspeaker as reported. But that in itself is not verification of the event.

As with others, I have heard reports at shows to “watch the dogs, PETA is here” but have never witnessed anything first hand. When questioned, people wandering around taking pictures have always just been interested in the cute dogs. That does not mean that it could not happen or have happened.

The first thing I thought when I read the Illinois report was “how horrible” and I immediately googled for news coverage of the event. What did I find? Nada. Why not? If someone was actually trying to kill dogs anywhere, this would have been a prime tidbit for local news.

So here is my advice for exhibitors and for club officers at shows. If there is an event make an issue of it. If an illegal act is done, such as endangering a dog, contact the police.  Contact the local television stations and I’ll bet they’ll get someone there.  Have people interviewed with their happy dogs, showing how much they love showing and meeting up with their family at shows (well, that’s what our dogs do).  The AR groups certainly get television coverage through all of their ads.  Why shouldn’t we get equal time?

But truthfully while there may be protests as there was at Westminster, I have my doubts about anyone associated with either PETA or HSUS actually attempting to harm dogs at a show.  Most members of the organizations belong to them because they love animals.  They may not know that the heads of the organizations may be opposed to the use of domestic animals even to the point of banning pet ownership.

If they feel that Animals have Rights equal to humans, that would make putting antifreeze in a water bowl at least attempted murder.  And if so, the crime should be reported and prosecuted as such.

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