Puppies! Puppies! and a couple of Rescues

Of course you may have seen them on Penni’s blog, but I want to show them off too.

Chase x Magic puppies born 04/12/10.

Bred by Eric & Paula Weller, Edmonds, WA.

Puppy count: 5 boys, 3 girls.  One red boy, it looks like one dark brindle, the rest bright red brindles.



In other news, there are more Swedish Vallhund puppies. Hank x Nikki, born on Sunday 04/11/10. Two girls: 1 natural bob, 1 tail, and a natural bob-tailed boy.

I’m still waiting for pictures of them.



And in still more news, I’ve been alerted to a couple of purebred Pembroke rescues in Roseburg. They are at Saving Grace Animal Shelter.  Both are girls: one is 5 years old, the other is 7.  Click on each picture to go to her information.

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