Dog and Daughter

Missy brought Minnie to visit her dad at the office yesterday. We took the opportunity to get a couple of semi-staked photos. Now 5 months, she is learning to stand still like a good girl

It’s interesting: Ava looks almost totally Zoe to me from the pictures, but I see a lot of Carbon influence in Minnie. She has round bone, great topline and tail-set. Wish she had color around the eye on her show side, but don’t we all. She’s going to be a good-sized girl at about 28 lbs now, but I don’t think she’ll be over-sized.

Her father was delighted that Minnie has now turned into a “real dog” who is big enough to rassle with.

As I muse on other recent non-dog-related items in the news:

1) I always thought that some people had strong Neanderthal characteristics.

2) I always thought that offshore drilling was a really bad idea.

But nobody ever asks me!

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