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Today’s game is Name the Puppy. We’re starting with names beginning with “K” and going through “S”.  I’ve offered a few suggestions.  These won’t be their final names (although in some cases we have kept them).

Blue girl K Kendra? Kacy Jr?

Blue boy L Lloyd? or maybe Leopard?  Leopold? Black boy M Mikey? Black boy N Nike to go with Mikey? Black girl O How about Opal. Black girl P Pokey? Blue girl Q Umm . . . Queenie? I’m not fond of that, just having trouble thinking of a name other than “Quizzy”Whitney was “Quest” to start with.

Black girl R Rhiannon? Probably not. Blue boy S S? Silver seems a little obvious.

As far as a litter theme, I’ve always wanted to do a “Beach Boys” litter. So many good names from song titles or snippets of lyrics.

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