Growing and Growing and Growing . . .

Can you believe those were all in there just two weeks ago? “Open Your Eyes” . . . “Abre Los Ojos” . . . did anyone see the (better) original Spanish movie that Vanilla Sky was based on? It looks like the blues all have either blue or merled eyes. Maybe?

Time to start training them to “stack” now.  Katie could be a princess. Do I need another princess? Yes, those would be fat rolls on Louie. Louie the Lunk. Mason is adorable.  Pretty head. Nate. Black version of Lunk. “Lemme go!” Opal, who Tom keeps calling “Olga”. Poppy is still asleep. Maybe tomorrow . . . Quinne is growing on me. Blue eyes? Shadow was in my dreams last night. Rosie: you saw her cute face already. Sliver. Striking.

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